Screen Protectors!

Offer ends 10/03


You know what sucks? Over paying for stuff. Like $5 ATM fees, $15 avocado toast, and $50 phone cases from your beloved retailers. We were tired of paying double, even triple for a decent case. We believe in value, without the retail markup. So we cut out the middleman corporations, designed a better product, and included a free screen protector because why should a piece of glass cost $25?
To top it off, we believe every company should give back. Not only to our customers with value, but to our planet. We decided to pledge 1% of all sales to a handful of charities on a mission to save planet Earth. While we’re not the experts, the least we can do is support them.

We hope this case saves your phone at its best and worst. Thanks for reading, we appreciate all your support.

Made in New York

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