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iPhone 13 Cases

“AloCase makes a better silicone case than Apple, for half the price!”

Alo Case iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Cases

Combining unmatched style with the practical protection your new iPhone 13 needs and deserves, Alo Case is your go-to solution for ensuring your new phone will be kept safe at all times.

Your Phone’s Perfect Fit 

iPhone protection never looked this good. Every Alo Case is carefully crafted and engineered to cradle and hug your iPhone to prevent it from the most common causes of damage: exposure to water and dust, scratches and punctures, and destruction caused by accidental falls.

Not all iPhone 13 cases are created equal, and Alo Case is designed to not only be long-lasting itself but to make sure your iPhone 13 be kept as new as the first time you brought it home.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Alo Cases are compatible with iPhone 13, crafted with precision and cutouts that address iPhone 13’s unique features and design, including all of its buttons, ports, and high-tech camera.
  • Alo Cases are made from advanced materials that have been proven to withstand any type of trauma your phone may encounter from both normal wear and tear and accidents involving any type of material — from concrete and stone floors to glass and water.
  • Both of our cases — clear and silicone — are tough enough to prevent major damage but soft enough for you to keep in your pocket and comfortable enough to fit seamlessly in your hand.

High-tech phones should have cases that are high-tech themselves. Alo Case is dedicated to being your go-to iPhone 13 case for years to come. 

  • Alo Case are also perfect partners for the charging format you prefer. It’s compatible with all forms of wireless charging and our advanced camera guard incorporates raised bezels, enabling even more protection for the most vital parts of your iPhone 13.
  • No one likes a bulky case, and there should no reason why an iPhone case should feel bulky and unwieldy. The iPhone 13 Alo Case is remarkably slim, adding just a fraction of depth to your iPhone 13

Special Features of the Alo Case iPhone 13 Ultra-Protective Cell Phone Case 

  • The clear or silicone case is a perfect partner to enhance and protect the iPhone 13 color of your choice. It will not hide what the phone looks like.
  • It’s guaranteed protection that covers every inch of your iPhone’s body. It’s durable yet soft with an ever-present comfortable grip. Additionally, a hidden lining of microfiber enhances your phone’s protection even further.
  • There’s no need to remove the Alo Case when charging your phone., and the case will never impact signals or increase the phone’s temperature.
  • Alo Case does not come emblazoned with noticeable branding or distracting, uncomfortable design features. Your iPhone 13 is the star. Alo Case is simply the insurance your new phone needs each day. 
  • All Alo Cases come with a money-back guarantee that covers a year. If for whatever reason the Alo Case does not meet your needs, you’ll receive a refund or replacement free with our warranty.
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